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Connexion unlocks connected car technology
with a simple, yet powerful fleet & rental platform

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From the time a car starts its journey in the Rental lane, until it is retired, Connexion is there. Powerful tools are at your disposal on every transaction to give you back time and money, and elevate your customer’s experience.

We are connected to powerful partners

Connexion manages the fleets of more than 4,000 dealerships and proudly partners with major OEMs

We’ve saved so much in reducing audits and incorrect incentive payments, the program more than pays for itself.”
– GM HQ Employee

“It is exciting to be part of such a great team that continues to make improvements and changes to such a well-designed program!“
– GM Dealership Courtesy Vehicle Supervisor

“OnTRAC is so easy to use, and always adding new features. I’d love to have it in my Hyundai and Mazda locations.”
– Hyundai Dealer Principal