miRoamer to be available in new Volkswagen vehicles

miRoamer to be available in new Volkswagen vehicles

Connexion Media Limited (ASX:CXZ), an innovator in the connected car market, will see its miRoamer radio and music service app available in various Volkswagen models. The vehicles will be fitted with the touch screen MirrorLink system that will integrate with the miRoamer Android app.

Already today, MirrorLink is available in a number of new Volkswagen models including the Polo, Passat, Passat Estate, Beetle and Beetle Cabriolet. This list will expand as further models are launched in the new year. miRoamer will also feature on the Volkswagen website highlighting the options available using the MirrorLink system.

Volkswagen marks the first production release of vehicles comprising the miRoamer radio and music service. “Volkswagen is a brand renowned for high quality vehicle production and we are pleased to be a part of that moving forward,” said Connexion Media CEO and managing director George Parthimos. “This relationship will help with our objective of rapid worldwide miRoamer invehicle audience growth.”

The MirrorLink-capable infotainment system, delivered with the new Volkswagen models, provides easy-to-use connectivity between smartphones and car infotainment systems with a simple cable connection providing drivers with access to phone applications such as miRoamer using a vehicle’s navigation screen and dashboard buttons.

The miRoamer radio and music service app aggregates global content providers including other aggregators, global AM/FM radio services, a platinum service featuring additional options such as genre-based content and virtual storage of music. The miRoamer Android app is currently one of very few select apps certified by Volkswagen for global release on the new MirrorLink ecosystem.

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