Connexion Non-Executive Director, Mr Gregory Ross, shares with us some of his insights below. These are also published on Mr Ross’ company site here.

For TaaS Providers, Engagement is Everything

More OEM’s Offering Subscriptions Over the past weeks, we have seen more announcements from OEM’s intending to become Transportation as a Service — TaaS — providers.  Nissan announced a subscription pilot called Switch.  And Hyundai announced a partnership with the startup Canoo.  Canoo intends to offer its vehicles only by subscription.  New Metrics for New …

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Car Buying for the Connected Customer

I had a recent experience with buying a beautiful new Chevy Colorado that showed me that much progress has been made to meet the expectations of connected buyers, but also revealed how much remains to be done. Web Shopping Experience: I had a great experience with the Chevrolet website and its integration with local dealer …

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